Bored :/

2016-04-09 08:35:03 by goncalves2341

So hows things...?


2016-03-01 18:44:53 by goncalves2341

Hi guys! :D

I fixed my PC but there´s adware on it :/

After that my next VIP Party its more amazing then my other art...things.Here´s a preview of the Next VIP Party:5136906_145687560932_bandicam2016-03-0123-36-35-724.jpg

it has 2880px(Width)X 2880 px(height)

Well i have to sleep.

Well i fixed my computor using anti virus and clean the back the computor(it was too dirty!)

Bye guys!


Talk "show"

2016-01-31 18:31:10 by goncalves2341



Hey guys i just want to talk a little bit, so you can guys can ask me everything but not history.

Come on ask me something!


???: Are you an animator?

Me:No no, im a amateur artist :P

Ask me everything.


My sprites gift

2016-01-29 18:03:26 by goncalves2341

Hello fans and freinds, this is goncalves2341, and i want you guys to know it has been 2 years(2014) i was on newgrounds, and i realized i was crazy on that year, and id like to give you guys my sprites because of 92 fans, i never reach to this so far but, well im going to give you my sprites:

WARNING:If you want to use my sprites, you must PM so i can give you the tips.

CS5 or CS6? :

Flash 8:

And if it doesnt open one of these options use SWF. file:


Well i should go now, i dont want comments about why im giving and etc.

I have work to do, see you guys later!


2016-01-28 17:01:19 by goncalves2341

Hello guys!This is a tiny post. So my list to go in my pic is over! The pic will be published on 15t February because i have things to do, i must buy a new PS3, and mostly making Deron gift pic, sorry Deron yesterday i was lazy but im going to finish today. And id like to thank for 90 fans i never reached this point but im going to be happy when i reach to 100th fans! Well i have to go now finish the gift for Deron. And please i need 45 mins.


2016-01-11 16:37:27 by goncalves2341

Look at this pistol, i made it by my own ,its nice, thank you Eshio for the tutorials on youtube, ive learn alot 5136906_145254823461_bandicam2016-01-1017-09-40-285.jpg :D 

Hi guys, its me again and today my madness experience is getting low ,yes thats true, after that my artist experience are 31 %, i dont know but my characters, (im creating) sprites will be publish on Febuary, my macromedia flash 8 doesnt have much time, so Marky456( the character i made) will be updated and of course he will be the 1st sprite i needed, the rest will be public, as you can see ill give my sprites sheet will be publish on May, i have lots of stuff to do and this year, im going to be little busy on the mornings. I need a rest too, i didnt sleep yesterday because i was thinking making a way to my sprites( the ones im making) i was thinking too making backgrounds and miscs to be little fun, ill show you the screenshot tomorrow, i have to make stuff, be more creative, we are all special on madness and we have an experience to them, we all love madness but not the haters, Madness combat will be the future and newgrounds and we are *gaining* awards with it expect a few animators you see, the beginners have  to work hard to reach the highest stages, and i wish good luck everyone is joining Djjaner´s tournament! :D Well guys cya and have a nice day!  :P

Happy thanksgiving

2014-11-27 11:50:36 by goncalves2341

Happy thanksgiving everyone

i hope you enjoy your special day :D


2014-11-23 11:06:18 by goncalves2341

Whats sup?

Deleted Art

2014-10-06 02:57:00 by goncalves2341

Hi guys.

My Art is now the shitty thing .

Users saying its shit,fucking shit...

But i Deleted my Art and the coolest stay

and  im weak now

and i give up my art now 

and i will my aura

and finalist i will never doing art again

im trying and restart

my Aura will be Blank State 

Sorry guys other saying shit to my art but its shit will give up art